How to Pick a Router

No matter where you look, today’s world is a connected world. There are free Wi-Fi hotspots at almost every cafe, library or shopping center. But do you know why some of these hotspots offer faster internet connection than others? One thing that plays a key role here is the router being used for the connection. Speaking of which, if you expect a reliable internet connection, you may want to know how to pick a router without wasting your money.

Find Out the Range

Before you purchase any router, you need to make sure in advance how far the range of the router is. For routers that come with 802.11a up to 802.11n standards, the range gets better with each newer standard. However, you should keep in mind that from the N standard onwards, this is no longer the case. Due to the 5GHz frequency switch, the range is now more limited than before because it can’t really handle obstacles quite well.

Simultaneous Connection Support

When you buy a router, you certainly want to be able to connect more than just one device to the internet, right? Therefore, you should look for the number of simultaneous connections supported by a router before you buy it. Most N routers out there support up to 30 connections whereas AC routers tend to support up to 100 connections simultaneously.

How Secure Is Your Router?

The internet is not a safe world, unfortunately. Therefore, you may want to go for a router that comes with an advanced firewall installed on it. In addition to that, if you have children and you do not want them exposed to the wild free world, such as adult sites, you will appreciate the addition of built-in parental control on your router. You can learn more about your router’s security and some other technology related issues on StarInfranet.

Don’t Worry about Future-Proofing Your Router

Some people think it is best to buy a router that is the most advanced and most expensive because it has all the latest technologies in it. However, this is pointless, especially if you plan to purchase new devices, such as laptops or smartphones sometime soon. Besides, today’s most advanced routers will have fallen in price by the time you upgrade your devices and it will still meet your requirements, to be honest.

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