The Best Inexpensive Watches Money Can Buy

Not having a watch on your wrist is like not having a spoon when you try to have your dinner. It is simply not right. Without a watch, how are you supposed to know if it is time to pick up your girlfriend, for example? Fortunately enough, the good thing about watch is that you don’t have to spend too much money to get one. In fact, here are some of the best inexpensive watches money can possibly buy.

Casio G-Shock

Casio has been in the watch industry for tens of years. There is no need to doubt what it can do when it comes to watch and yet, the company still offers quality but inexpensive watches. This one, for instance, comes with an XL case and a flashy looking design. It features both digital and analog displays so there is no fighting over who’s the favorite. In addition to that, you also get to check up the time in 29 different time zones in the world. It has a countdown timer, information on the current date, day and month, a stopwatch and it also has five alarms to help wake you up every morning. Lastly, with its ruggedness, this watch is something you shouldn’t be concerned about when you are doing your exercises.

Citizen BF0580-06E Analog Black Watch

For those who value the analog watch display with big and little hands, this is one excellent piece of machinery when it comes to watches. It is very classy, has high aesthetics value and feels comfortable on your wrist, too. It even uses the Quartz battery with Japan standard quality and, most importantly, it is an inexpensive watch.

MVMT Black Face Watches

These MVMT black face watches come with leather tan strap for a cool, professional look. This watch brand comes with a minimalistic and contemporary design language that represents high quality at an affordable price. It also fits both those looking for professional style watches and those looking for casual watches.

Casio Calculator Watch

Casio certainly thinks that having a watch alone on your wrist is not enough unless you can do something useful with it, such as counting your expenses. Well, this is where the calculator watch from Casio really excels. With this watch, you can always count your expenses whenever you want to.

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